After more than two years, hundreds of Distributors have used PromoLeads to accelerate sales.
Listen to what they have to say …

Why do Distributors love PormoLeads and the Suppliers that use it? Distributors trust Suppliers who use PromoLeads because it is Transparent, Honest, and Independent

# 1 Reason - Sales, Sales, and more Sales

We did a follow up today - and landed an order.
–Roy Getzoff of ASA Promotions

Great lead. Customer was ready to buy. Prime Line's customer services were very helpful. Everything came together perfectly.
-Doug Law of Kaeser & Blair

Thanks for the lead. Considering other items and discussing repeat orders.
-Doug Law of Kaeser & Blair

This was a smooth transaction and greatly appreciated.
–Judy Michaels of Prestige Promotions

My first sale! Thank you for creating this site. It is not only well designed, but it is very well thought out. What a great opportunity!
–Donna LoPinto of Print This!, Inc.

I will have the PO tonight.
–Allan Gaskamp of Idtags Group

The best program.
–Marilyn Warmus of Warmus Enterprises

# 2 Because New Business is always the hardest to find.

Help a Distributor with new business and you have a customer for life.

Great Avenue for new business! I have sold numerous orders through this service!
–Harry Sklaroff of HMS Promotions  

Great lead, customer was thrilled with the personal contact. I now have a new customer within 45 min of me that will definitely be a repeat buyer. Gotta love it.
–Doug Law of Kaeser & Blair Authorized Dealer

Thanks for the lead...Order turned out great - sold other products as well.
–Linda Helton of Promo Specialties Inc

I think the PromoLeads program is a winner ! It has allowed me to not only earn some new business but be introduced to a new suppler PinLine. I am also truely impressed with the service of David Wehr. He treats customers the same way we do with golden gloves.
–Barry Steinberg of The PromoTouch Inc.

# 3 Makes the process of finding, contacting and closing leads easy.

The easier it is to do business with the supplier, the more business they will do.

This was amazing! Easy to sell and already approved the proof!
–Laurie Dowell of Jack Nadel International

Love the process and the opportunity-
–Marilyn Warmus of Warmus Enterprises

Of course I'm delighted with this whole process - again thank you for all your help!
–Barbara Dail MAS of The Creative Solution

#4 Thank you Thank you Thank you

Distributor Appreciation = Distributor Loyalty

Thank ye !!
–Barbara Dail MAS of The Creative Solution

thanks guys!
–Bill Helton of Promo Specialties Inc

Thanks! I need another like this!
–Kristi Yarbrough of Promote Your Business LLC

I think PromoLeads is great and I appreciate the lead from Prime
–Larry Henderson of Konfirst Consulting

Program is working well! thanks!
-Michael Keene of Keene Promotions Inc.

This is a very exciting program and I am so glad I came across it. THANK YOU PROMOLEADS AND ALL HONEST SUPPLIERS
–Carrie White of Galloway Promotions

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