Why PromoLeads Experience, Industry, and Technology

Web Marketing – Lead Generation

“Forget the empty promises and schemes - There is no magic bullet to get results through the web. The way to get results is through hard work, industry experience, and PPC. It is a combination of experience, knowledge of the market, and trial and error that enables you to drive results.”

The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing

PromoLeads leverage the resources, knowledge, and technology of ABCLeads, one of the pioneers in internet lead generation. ABCLeads has distinguished itself as experts in Web marketing for over 12 years. They bring not only a high degree of technical experience regarding the mechanics of web sites but practical experience in how to effectively drive high quality and highly targeted leads.

PromoLeads is unique in its ability to ensure you are addressing the four critical success factors in Web marketing:

  • Choosing the most effective key words
  • Designing an effective and captivating ad
  • Having a well designed, information rich website with easy navigation
  • Creating a Web form that is effective in high rates of conversion

Promotional Products Industry Experience

  • Over 20 years of Supplier experience
  • Industry Solution designed from the ground up for the Promotional Products Industry
  • Member of the PPAI # 356355 UPIC: Leads

Technology Advantage

  • Over $500,000 in software development for the PromoLeads Platform
  • Three years of Beta testing with Suppliers and Distributors ensuring stability and reliability
  • Features built through direct industry feedback - not in a back room by off shore software developers
  • All software is owned and controlled by PromoLeads
  • All development has been dome by PromoLeads staff in the US - not off shore partners so we have the flexibility of responding quickly to customer demands


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